how do we contact ofis-IX?
send email to info@ofis.link for any issues. all inquiries will be held confidential.

how much do ports cost?
ofis-IX does not charge for participation as we beleive in providing a low barrier of entry for any holders of public resources to participate in BGP. While we do not charge for participation, we do accept donations to cover the costs assocated with running ofis-IX's infrastruture.

are there any rules?
the internet exchange switch is a fabric shared by all peers. peers must avoid doing anything which might overload the fabric, mis-direct traffic, or otherwise cause harm to any other peers. if a peer shows a willful disregard for others, they will be disconnected by the operators. additionally, peers are requested to only send traffic to destinations advertised by BGP. do not point default routes and do not point static routes to other operators. while not a rule, we request that peers register themselves with http://peeringdb.com, because visibility there will encourage other networks to join as well, bringing more benefit to all.